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Woo more new music.

This song is a little more bluesy/Tom Waits-esque haha.

ft. saws, clarinet, accordion + more stuff

A track I recently performed and recorded.

This is the first time I have played the saw with a bow (have played percussively whilst waiting for my bow/rosin to come), inspired by Julian of The Music Tapes/NMH fame.

Thanks for listening/let me know what you think. :-)

Myself performing Modest Mouse’s ‘Convenient Parking’

Yo. Three DotA 2 themed powerviolence/hardcore tracks for your enjoyment.. reblog if u dig.

My latest creation. 43 minutes in length. Analogue droning minimalism. No loops.

Cold Chisel - Circus Animals, WEA (1982)

Dead As Dreams - Nothing Here

Dead As Dreams - June

Melvins last night!

Dead As Dreams - There Is Nothing Left Here

Deerhunter @ The Hi-Fi, Melbourne last night. They were amazing and Bradford was so funny.

My version of Zero for the Infinite Sadness covers comp.

Everything was recorded by myself at home during October 2013.

Feel free to share this if you like it. Thank you.

Modest Mouse - Broke [Single], Sub Pop 1996

Islands - Ski Mask, Manqué Music